Back "Width" and Back "Thickness"

  1. Back "Width" and Back "Thickness"

    Alright I've heard that pull downs/pull ups work back "width" while rows work back "thickness." Is this true? Pull downs/pull ups, especially when done with a close-grip, seem to me to be very similar to rows; does the fact that your pulling from above in the former and from in front in the latter really place greater emphasis on width/thickness?

  2. Yes, The pull ups/downs work primarily the lats, the rows somewhat hit the lats but mostly the middle of the back, lower traps.


  3. It does work as you are saying for width and thickness; although, for me the supinated grip, like when doing chinups, doesn't seem to do as much for my lats as the pronated or parallel grip. My bi's assist too much when doing chinups. The parallel grip isolates my lats the best of all. FYI, the deadlift is by far the best excercise that I've done for thickness, including the lower back.

  4. Yes, deads are the king of back thickness.


  5. I have incorporated pullovers into my back regime!!!!!

    brothers, let me tell you, my back has come out of a plateau, i am seeing growth that is freaky . my back feels like friggin steel!

    massive compound movement! everyone should have that in there bag of tricks, Yates did...(hint hint)

  6. If you like pullovers with dumbells, try the pullovers with cables.

    I like to use the rope pulldown and kneel down. I position myself so that the cable is at an angle not straight up and down.

    On the concentric you start at the full stretch position, leaning forward, and as the concentric is completed, lean back, increasing the resistance due to the angle of your torso.

    On the eccentric it's simply reversed.

    In between those sets, I drop the weight down a bit and do rows to the neck to hit those muscles between the shoulderblades.

    4 sets of each and your back will be thumpin!


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