Hey guys I would like your help and opinion on a new workout program. I just got done doing HST and am looking for something to do for a while before doing HST again. I am currently bulking and can workout any days of the week. I would prefer to have some workouts on M,W,F because I have late classes those days. I have been searching through many forums and threads and for the life of me can't come up with anything I'm satisfied with, so I thought I would ask for your help. I like doing compound execises and would like to incorporate squats, SLDL, bent over barbell rows, clean and presses, seated and standing calf raises, pull ups or lat pull downs, deadlifts, for bi's and tri's I do preacher curls and skull crushers/dips. I don't mind not doing any of these or adding whatever you feel would be good. I have good sized legs, back, and shoulders but my arms and chest are my weak points. Thanks in advance for your advice, its appreciated.