Poll: How many seconds do you spend on the eccentric part for bench press?


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  1. Quote Originally Posted by DieTrying
    I'm actually doing a powerpoint presentation on this very topic in a few weeks...when I am finished I'd be willing to put it on here or e-mail it to you guys.
    That would be great; I am interested in learning more about sarcoplasmic and myofibrillar hypertorphy.

  2. I like slow reps such as 3-3 or 2-4 for exercises such as curls and extensions. It gives my joints and tendons a break. When it comes to benching I bring it down as fast as possible(while still under control) and push it back up as fast as possible since I'm concerned with strength.

  3. It depends

  4. I try to vary it in diffrent phases
    but apx 2-3 seconds negative and 1-2 second positives in the hyperthrophy phases. In strenght/power phases I tend to do it faster

  5. 301-regular bench
    currently, 501-close grip bench

  6. Ironman Article Referenced this Topic

    Quote Originally Posted by exnihilo View Post
    Heh, sure...

    They are comparing fast eccentric (180 degrees/second, or about 1 second eccentric curl) slow eccentric (30 degrees/second, about a 6 second eccentric curl) and fast/slow concentric (same as above only concentric). They found that the people who did the fast 1 second eccentric curls gained the most strength and had the most hypertrophy. They found that slow concentric curls provided more hypertrophy than slow eccentric curls, and that fast concentric curls fared the worst.

    I've been considering trying to find a copy of this study in the university library, it intrigues me.
    I have been looking for the issue of IronMan Magazine that referenced a study that claimed faster eccentric reps were responsible for significantly greater gains, but the speed was so fast that obviously they were using much heavier loads. I tried it after reading the article, but you need to be really careful;however, I cannot find that article now and I have been looking all nite, LOL. Let me know if you find it.

  7. I go by "feel," but it depends on what exercise I'm doing. I try to find that sweet spot. I do think that too little is just as bad as too much, though.

  8. As little time as possible while still staying tight and under control.


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