Ectomorph to a Pro-builder? possible?

  1. Ectomorph to a Pro-builder? possible?

    I am an ectomorph (high school at 6ft I weighed 130ish-150ish)

    now I am 25, started the gym at 175ish 6-7 months later, I am 205lbs.

    Bodybuilding now became a passion. I first started BB to get over my depression, but now I am so into it that I eventually want to compete. Is it possible for an ectomorph to get pro-bodybuilder size? I am looking into competing in the future and really starting to grab a passion and interest in it.

    I am talking about like flex wheeler, arnold ect that kind of size?

  2. bump anyone knows? maybe there were a few ecto's who made a dramatic increase in size?

  3. I have no idea about the specifics, but if it is your goal I say go for it. If it really means that much to you a few people telling you no shouldn't matter. If random people on a board telling you no matters you didn't have the capability to get there to begin with.

  4. If you look at pictures of Arnold before he started lifting he was tall and lanky.

    Layne Norton (I believe) was about 5'11 140lbs before he started training for bodybuilding.

    There you go..two pros, one enhanced, one natural, both who bared no resemblance to bodybuilders who made tremendous gains.


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  6. wow awesome! thanks a lot guys! some good motivation =)


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