Getting Started

  1. Getting Started

    Need a work out plan. I weight approx 173 lbs. My
    plans are to bulk up. I am taking 176 grams of protein
    a day. But I have no work out experience and am willing
    to listen and learn. Any help! Thnx

  2. I dont think this has much to do w/ homebrew conversions so i'm gonna move it.

    My suggestion is sign up w/ bobo, and have him put together and workout plan and a meal plan that will get you results. Better than worrying about what will work and what wont, let HIM worry about it.

    You didn't say your bodyfat, or how tall u were, and 176g of protein probabaly isn't enough to bulk. You need to add a lot more info. My advice is just to read the training and nutrition forum, and learn a thing or two first.

  3. Right on JB. If you aren't up for Bobo quite yet, try to eat about 6 - 8 meals a day. Try for more like 1.5grams of protein per lb. Buy some whey protein for pre and post workout. See how things go for awhile.

    Spend alot of time reading on this board...there is quite a wealth of knowledge here.

  4. If you haven't lifted weights before I think you could do everything wrong and still gain weight as long as you're training. Just lift each body part once a week and read the forum... it will come to you

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