DEADS: Begining or End?

  1. DEADS: Begining or End?

    I always thought doing a big lift (compound) like Deads, should be done at the begining of the workout on back day, but I see alot of Bodybuilders are doing them at the end?

    Fill me in!

  2. personal preference, some people feel it taxes them for other movements like rows and lats ect where they may need to focus them muscles more first, otherwise its up to u man...
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  3. I've been more inclined to do them at the end, as mentioned above i feel it taxes my other movements and doing all those movements before deads doesn't usually affect me too much if at all, I've had good success doing them at the end of my workouts.

  4. If you are doing them how they are supposed to be done, then you should not be able to do anything after!! At least that is how I feel from them.
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  5. If you are bodybuilding then do them last. f you are training the movement for power, do them earlier. That's how I roll.

  6. Yeah, unless you're specifically training to increase your deadlift, do them at the end of your workout.

    The reasoning is that by the end of your regular workout, your central nervous system will be very warmed up, as compared to the beginning of your workout when it's not as warmed up.

    Personally, I've found that my deadlift poundages don't differ too much from beginning vs. end of workout, but I always feel better doing them when I'm thoroughly warmed up.

  7. Dead lifts are a complex, hip dominant exercsie. Too much fatigue due performing them at the end of the workout will cause poor movement patterns, resulting in compensations such as spinal flexion/extenion, and increase the risk of over use injury or disk degeneration.

  8. I'm confused. Deads ARE the workout, beginning to end.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by JohnRock
    I'm confused. Deads ARE the workout, beginning to end.

  10. Id do them first, may get tired throughout your workout and could possilby strain or get hurt
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  11. I like to do them first thing. I might do bw pull ups first once in a while but I really think that because deada recruit more muscle fiber than just about any lift they should be done first with an emphasis on weight but not sacrificing form.

  12. I do them first when I'm fresh so I can lift more weight.

  13. First for me too...I like to think every muscle back there gets worked and warmed up good for the rest of the routine
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