Tear in forearm??

  1. Tear in forearm??

    About two weeks ago I noticed a lot of pain on the outside of my right forearm. I thought maybe I just overdid my prevoius day's shoulder workout and have since taken a week off to go on vacation. Well, it still hurts like a mother...especially when I squeeze things or extend my arm completely. I did chest and back the last 2 days and the pain doesn't really hold me back in the gym, but the days after are a different story though. Does this sound like some kind of tear/strain??

  2. happened to me. it was a pinched nerve. got cortisone tablets and all was good. but i would still see a doctor. i also felt numb in the hand and it would come and go.

  3. Sounds feasible...I'll give the cortisone tabs a try (can't hurt). Thanks.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by jake94134 View Post
    Sounds feasible...I'll give the cortisone tabs a try (can't hurt). Thanks.
    I'd still have you see a doctor if you can just to check it out. Make sure they have a background in sports medicine or kinesiology or something, as most GP are completely useless when it comes to this stuff.

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