Static contraction training

  1. Static contraction training

    Just curious if anybody has ever heard of / used this method and gotten anything out of it? I recently read the book and it just seems absurd. For those that don't know, the basic breakdown is to use extremely heavy loads and hold the weight just short of lockout for 30-60 secs. That's it. Just curious.

  2. Yeah, I've heard of similar training ideas and they aren't supposed to do much, but I've never tried it. That pictures a little scary, bro.

  3. Pete Sisco, huh?

    You don't wanna try it.

  4. actually, i use a modified version of it with good results. by doing i added 30 lbs to my bench in 6 weeks. i use drops sets, tho', so i get more contractions than they recommend. the goal is intense contactions in that position in a muscle group(s) ROM which activated the most possible musle fibers. This requires a lot of extra rest--but NOTHING will bring strentgh (and thus size) like this! just try it for a month or two (or even a week or two)--take several days off in between workouts: then return to regular training and see how much damn stronger u are!

  5. It does work but its been awhile since I read up on it since bodybuiding is my main goal and thats mainly a technigue for strenght. If I remeber right it tricks the response of the golgi tendon organ which is responsible for preventing keeping the tendonsn and muscles from injury by basicaly sending a signal to the muscle and basicaly works as a govenor. I guess the best I comparison I can give it to is how some cars have chips in them to shut them off at a certain speed. Like I said don't hold me to everthying because its been awhile but that car comparsion is basicaly the same idea so it would be like taking the limiter of your car.

  6. Ok here is a link I found saying that its a myth but on the other hand I have known a few that have used the holds and have increased weight.


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