Sweating Profusely, dizzy, and almost vomited

  1. Sweating Profusely, dizzy, and almost vomited

    I have been sick latley with stuffed sinuses and a sore throat. I have been feeling a little better as of late so I went to play softball last night. I was playing better than normal, but my body was pouring sweat. I'm not talking about anything ive seen before, it was like someon had mini hoses all over my body and ran the faucet!! I was also in school and my armpits were pouring buckets down my arms and chest. I could feel the sweat dripping down my lats.

    When I got home from softball and sweating like a pig, I got in the shower and felt kind of dizzy and felt like vomiting. My question is, was that a sign of Heat stroke, or Dehydration? I have been drinking 2 gallons of water per day so how could that be a problem? Or is the sweating a direct result of drinking TOO much water?

    I went to the doctor last week and all he gave me was some cepecol for my throat and something for my congestion. So if he didnt give my anything serious, then i'm treating my illness like its not that serious. Cause I know some of you would probably say that I shouldnt be doing anything strenuous and just wait till I get better. Well, I have been sick for over 2 weeks, so I cant wait around anymore, i'm not going to sit home and do nothing for weeks at a time. I have come too far to stall or even reverse the progress I've made. I just dont wanna die or anything by pushing myself too far.

    Thanks for reading the whole thing, sorry its so long, but i'm concerned about this.

  2. I don't know what it is, but I really don't think it's heatstroke. I had it once and I felt really light-headed and dizzy and couldn't concentrate, but then i got out of the sun and drank some water and I was fine. I don't think it would give you problems after you got home.

    Sounds like a viral infection maybe. I had terrible night sweats when I had the flu last winter.
    Maybe go back to the doc. Good luck, bro.

  3. ACtually to me it sounded like heatstroke. I coach and thats a big thing they complain about when they have been out in the sun to long, dizzy, vomiting, and the sweat that pores off the body.....It could just be that although you were able to get back to working out ( and belive me I know, having had a broken foot how badly you want to work out and think ok I can now it's been enough time...) your body wasent just 100% yet!!!! so maybe a little of both? not being quite 100% and getting to hot and not being able to cool off...??
    I dont think I would worry this time, but if it happens again, I would check into it.....

  4. I just got back from the doc today, and he prescribed me some Zithromax...or Z pack. Its one of the strongest Antibiotics out there. He took a throat culture and told me I have white puss dots on my tonsils, but no fever. And also some garbage in my sinuses, I forgot what he said.

  5. White puss on the tonsils and high body temperature / sweat?

    You might want to get checked for mono if you have never had it. I had similar simptoms, my brother did the run-around w/ antibiotics and then they eventually figured out it was mono, i visisted him for a week and caught it.

  6. Also symptomatic of Strep throat.

    I'm battling some kind o bacterial deal right now as well. Working out while your immune system is engaged can make you feel pretty crappy. You can get spikes and drops in BP, waves heat,chills, sweat, you name it.

    Chill out for a few days while the anti Bs take effect.

  7. Most likely over-hydration accompanied with being sick. Also, you say that you're tired of waiting around to get better and can't stand not doing anything. Well, working out and putting more stress on your body will only make it last even longer. And there's a really good chance that while working out you're doing more harm than good anyways; musclewise.

    Bro, liquids, rest, etc, why do you think the doc's stress that all the time? Because it's the truth!!


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