does adding lunges mean lower squat numbers?

  1. does adding lunges mean lower squat numbers?

    For about 3 weeks I was stuck at a weight and rep #, and right around the same time I started doing lunges with a 45pd plate in each hand.....then I popped something squatting (theres a thread about it) and then when I got back to squatting I'm down about 20 just trying to figure it out, but thats all I can come up with, was that lunges took something outa me.....make sense?

  2. you can get pre exhausted if your doing lunges first and that would hinder squats. lunges are great for helping your leg strength. do squats first IMHO

  3. one split i use had lunges tuesday and back squats thursday. i never found lunges to help or hurt my numbers, but they did hurt my anterior knees so i do fronts now those help for sure.

  4. I squat on Mondays and do Lunges on Fridays. Man, lunges kill my glutes worse than anything else under the sun! I have recently changed my lunges so my step up is almost entirely on my front leg. I try to lift my rear leg off the floor as quickly as possible. I have already noticed larger quads due to this change...and less emphasis on a muscle my body does NOT need to grow any arse.

    I don't see any way doing lunges would decrease your squats unless you are doing them in the same day just before you squat. They compliment each other AFAIK.

  5. If you're recently coming off an injury, then you should expect to lose some strength.
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  6. Well, IDK if it was technically an injury...more of a lil pull

    But I do lunges after squats.....squats are the very first thing I do on a leg day.....lunges the very last to whoop everything's ass one last time LOL.
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  7. Maybe you have been doing the same routine for a bit too long? Change up your sets, reps, and accessory exercises.

    - Lunges are one of the best leg workouts besides squats. They are helping whether you think so or not.

    Good luck on your plateau

  8. I work out at home so I don't have a lot of options for changing up my leg routine, unfortunately....pretty much squat for a big compound and thats it! No leg press machine or anything.
    True story:

    I give a f**K!!

  9. Quote Originally Posted by waynaferd View Post
    I work out at home so I don't have a lot of options for changing up my leg routine, unfortunately....pretty much squat for a big compound and thats it! No leg press machine or anything.
    You can do many different movements with just a barbell, hacks, zercher, front squat, floor good mornings, bar on back good mornings, RDL, step-ups, etc. Just trying to give you some ideas. You may just need to adjust your volume, you could even incorporate explosive (plyo) movements.

  10. In my opinion 20lbs is nothing but how did you find out? I mean did you squat 315 and then tried 335 and couldn't get it? If you pyramid try making bigger jumps to get to your max weight.

  11. close, I was repping 365 then had to drop to 355 then 345 to get my 3 sets/8 reps in....I'm back up now but couldn't figure out why the hell I had to drop the weight so much....o well!!
    True story:

    I give a f**K!!

  12. Make sure you're also doing the lunges with the proper form. I recently picked up a membership at Gold's Gym over the winter break, and I noticed not one person at Gold's used proper form on their lunges.

    P.S. then again, I'm pretty sure I've only seen like 3 people there who could squat over 4 plates

    P.P.S. the above might also have to do with the fact that this Gold's doesn't have a hip abductor machine???

  13. You have to realize at your weight and height your working so much harder then the average guy is. Not meaning to pick on the short fellas but they have less of a lift. Your lifting your weight on top of long limbs. Your knees will take a beating. Just lower your weight for a little bit and see how you feel. It's not worth the stress on your joints. You could of caused some harm doing lunges or it could be coinidental but whatever the cause your body is telling you something and you should listen.
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  14. I always squat first anyway, then follow with other exercises. Lunges should come later anyway, since they involved and engage hamstrings, so they are a transitional exercise.


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