Using Rep Speed for Weight Increases

  1. Using Rep Speed for Weight Increases

    Using Rep Speed for Weight Increases

    For many trainees the limitations of fixed plate barbells, dumbbells, selectorized plate machines, and plates that are just too damn big often make it extremely difficult to go up to the next increment on smaller lifts such as lateral raises or dumbbell curls. Also many people are inefficient once they hit a certain rep range. For many people going up (with the same poundage) from 6 reps to 10 is a snap, but trying to go from 10 to 14 is a monumental task. One of the solutions to this dilemma is simply to S-L-O-W down your rep speed some until enough additional strength is built to make the jump to the next weight increment available.

    Let’s use a relatively new trainee using 70 lbs for his dumbbell curls for 2 sets of 8 reps (after warm-ups.) as an example. If he then uses the next increment available, the 80’s, he only ends up getting 4-5 reps. For many people the solution is simple, just keep adding reps until able to make the next jump. But……as stated, many trainees do very poorly once past a certain rep range, and trying to add enough reps to make the jump just takes too long. An alternative is just to slow down the rep speed enough, say from a 3 second negative to a 4 second negative, until you are strong enough to make the jump. This method doesn’t work well for all lifts, nor for all trainees, but is another useful tool to have in your bag of tricks.

    Iron Addict

  2. Wow, a new trainee curling 70lb DBs for 8 reps? Impressive.

  3. yea this new trainee must be a big ass mofo. I dont even want to think about what he would be doing after you trained him for awhile.

    But thanks for the suggestion. I have been focusing on rep speed lately and I think it has helped.

    O/T: IA, do you have any suggestions for doing reverse grip bench press on the smith machine? I have tried it but it seems to kill my shoulders so I have not tried anything near a serious load with it. DC said that these were the ultimate tricep builders... but they seem to play a huge strain on my front delts. Thanks again

  4. wow if you have not been to then you are doing yourself a great disservice. I cant believe I havent been there before. I am definitely enlisting the help of IA once I get the cash

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