Pull ups for Mass

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    It was when I started doing pull-ups (and BB bent over rows) that I really started seeing development and width
    Definitely. All I do is db and BB rows and weighted pullups

  2. I start my back days off with heavy weighted pullups, ramping up from 25 lbs to 100. I usually warmup with bodyweight pullups, a set of 10-12, do 6 reps with 25, and then 3 reps from then on.

    Reason I do this is for activation purposes... get something real heavy first so my nervous system is prepped to go heavier on my higher rep work.

  3. IMO pull ups is definitely the best exercise for to make your back wider. For long time it has been my only exercise for back width... I have few pictures from the days I decided to stop doing cable pulldowns, bodyweight pull ups etc and instead of those I started doing some heavy weighted pull ups frequently (3 times a week).. My BW increased 15-20lbs between these two pics and my pull up max weight increased from 70-80lbs to 120-130lbs It's 5 months between these pics.. I think I have some training videos from these days too..

    October 25th (14 months of training, 130-135lbs (started at 109lbs)):

    March 29th (19 months of training, 150-155lbs):

    The funny part is that my back has continued growing ever since.. And strength increases still quite fast.

  4. usually for pullups if I do them I do them weighted and add weight each set and then the last set I take the weight off and burnout. Recently I have been doing weighted rack chins and just in the last month I have developed some width

  5. What about Reps for Pullups? I normally go for about 30 total. Sets would look something like:
    25lbs weighted 8/5/5/3/2/2/ remainder unweighted



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