Does this excercise have risk of impingment?

  1. Does this excercise have risk of impingment?

    Dumbbell Raise

    Saw a physio today and he wants me to replace them with
    Dumbbell Lateral Raise without coming up all the way obviously but elbows at a 90degree bend!

    I really wanna listen to him otherwise I am just wasting my time but can someone who has a better idea than me tell me that the 1st exercise really does have risk of impingement because I don't see it, the arm is not rotated internally and the upper arm can not travel to a 180degree angle.

  2. Looks like a variation of dumbbell upright row.

    I think the dumbbell lat raise might be more effective. Even with elbows bent ninety degree's.

  3. Upright rows can cause much more impingement than those. But yes, it appears to have some of the same pattern of movement. Are you trying to hit the front, side, or rear delts?

  4. Not the arm bro, its the rotation of the scapula. The trapezius is going to be much less engaged with the lateral raise than it is with the dumbbell raise. But if youre going for shoulders than the lateral raise will be more effective anyways. Do 2-3 sets of lateral raise than finish it off with some seated shrugs for the same if not a more effective muscle recruitment than the first shown exercise.

  5. Thanks for the replies, I am trying to hit side delts.
    I really dont like standing/seated lateral raises because I doubt I will be able to keep proper form, not only does it feel a bit awkward to me but looking on there are alot of variables listed on proper form.

    I do like the DB raise because its a compound lift, but I will use lying side lateral raises exclusively for side delts and just add in barbell shrugs after.



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