1. Exclamation SHOULD I ADD?

    My workout looks like this:

    Workout A:

    Squats 5x5
    Bench 5x5
    Bent over rows 5x5
    Reverse Crunch 3x12

    Workout B:

    Squats 5x5
    Wrist curls 3x10
    Military Press 5x5 (ive been leaving it out due to shoulder pain)
    Dead Lift 5x5
    Weighted Chinup 3x5
    Sit ups 3x12

    I alternate A,B,A, with one day rest inbetween each workout monday, wednesday, friday.... Then B,A,B the next week

    Im trying to gain some arm size so i added strait bar curls on every monday and friday and close grip bench... i do two sets of both of these workouts and i do the first set with the most possible weight i can do for 8 reps then i upgrade 10% and do as many as possible...

    Im trying to put on those inches on my arms as much as possible and im considering adding reverse grip bicep curls using my same method above to my regimen... good idea? and if u would change anything please advise

  2. You look like you're doing a standard 5x5. Leave it alone. It works the way it is. When you're finished progressing at the rate you like in 5x5 then switch to a more bodybuilder style workout for more muscle hypertrophy.

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