4 day split

  1. Question 4 day split

    im wondering what you guys think of this for a bulking routine. Im 5'8" 160lbs and i just started a t-1 pro cycle.

    monday: back/bi
    deadlift 3x8
    pull-up 3x8
    bent rows 2x8
    db curl 1x10
    hammer curl 1x10

    tuesday: chest/tri
    bench press 3x8
    close grip bench 2x8
    dips 3x8
    skullcrushers 2x8


    thursday: legs
    squats 3x8
    lunges 2x8
    calf raises 2x8
    seated calf raises 2x8

    friday: shoulders/traps/abs
    push press 2x8
    lateral raise 2x8
    shrugs 3x8
    weighted crunch 2x8
    incline leg raises2x8

    I want to get my tris bigger but i think less is more for arms. what do you think of my chest/tri day. please critique my routine with any opinions.

  2. I think if you are a BRAND NEW lifter it could work. I also KNOW almost anything works when you first start lifting. There are many, many WAY better ways to go about adding mass than your suggestion, and many lifters, myself included would get absolutely no resullts on a routine such as yours. But it could work.....just that I'd bet heavily against it.

    Iron Addict

  3. i am some what new to lifting, i have been lifting for about three years but have been serious and dedicated for the last year. what are some of the ways to add mass? what should i add or subtract to this routine to get better results?

  4. One way to add mass is to go heavy with fewer reps. More like in the range of 4-6. But, some respond to higher reps with certain muscle groups. Like myself, I have been using higher reps for legs and have seen a huge difference. My biceps also respond better to higher reps.

    Personally, I would do the following. On leg day, throw out lunges and add SLDL's, and throw out one of your calf raises. Or, do the lunges one week, and the next week substitute it with the SLDL's. On chest day, you may want to get some dumbell training in there, and look into incline presses instead of always doing flat bench. For triceps, between the skull crushers and close grip bench, I would do one or the other. I find it puts too much on strain on my elbows when I do both, but that's me. I also try to do in the area of 8 sets for most body parts, which seems to be working for me at the moment.

    Mix it up a bit and find out what works best for you. If you are looking for ideas on programs, check out Iron Addicts website. He has all kinds of articles over there, with programs, one of which I'm presently following.

  5. should i replace the close grip bench with incline flys? what are SLDL's?

    for the most part does it look good or should i mess around with the sets/reps?

  6. do you think this is better?

    bench press-5x5

    bent rows-2x8
    BD curl-1x10
    hammer curl-1x10

    calf raises-2x15
    push press-3x6
    lateral raise-2x6

  7. SLDL = straight leg dead lift. This will work the hamstrings (and lower back), which you have neglected in your newest routine. I would scrap the flyes, and alternate between dips, and DB incline on a weekly basis. Personally I would do higher reps with squats, somewhere in the 20 rep range.

  8. technically speaking, SLDL is *stiff* leg deadlift, not straight leg.

    and one should follow that advice and not keep the legs straight (ie lock the knees) but keep them RELATIVELY straight

  9. I think your chest/tri day is predominantly tri's. I think you should drop either skullcrushers or close-grip (or alternate) & add in another 3-4 sets of a chest exercise like incline or decline. I would stick to a press more than a fly, but it's good to mix flyes in there too.

    I know you like low volume for arms, but I think only 2 sets for biceps is too low. I would say at least 4 sets is better. I have tried low volume & I need at least 7 to get anything form my bi's.

    Bump on the SLDLs, it is an essential exercise.

  10. my arms are only a little over 13"s thats why i think heavier back work will do better for me right now.

    i am going to add incline presses and keep the flys so i can have more for my chest.

    SLDLs would be best on back days right?

  11. i am putting SLDLs on leg days because they hit your legs more.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by jjjd
    technically speaking, SLDL is *stiff* leg deadlift, not straight leg.

    and one should follow that advice and not keep the legs straight (ie lock the knees) but keep them RELATIVELY straight
    Sorry about that. That is what i meant, it's difficult for me to get my point across sometimes. But that's a careless mistake that shouldn't have been made.

  13. no worries.

    btw, when i design splits, i don't go on a 7 day week. i use either an 8 or 9 day week depending...

    i find this offers more flexibility and helps me fit in stuff better.

    but it is worthwhile to note one does not need to design a program around a 7 day microcycle (8,9,6, whatever) although this is most common

  14. I don't really have a 4-day split, but rather have 4 different workouts. Here is what I currently do:

    A) Chest, Biceps
    B) Shoulders, Triceps
    C) Legs
    D) Back, traps

    I simply go A,B,C,D,A,B,C,D, etc, etc....and I take off days whenever I feel I need them. I generally go 5-7 days between working each bodypart.
    (I throw in Abs a couple times a week)



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