Developing my chest

  1. Developing my chest

    I am decently strong in the chest area. Can rep up 3 sets of 10 on 100 lb dumbells on a good day. But it seems like more or less the bottom part of my peck is growing out faster than the top part.

    Chest day i do

    Flat barbell
    incline barbell
    decline barbell

    butterflies on cables
    and butterflies on a bench with dumbells
    a flat bench dumbell press you twist it at the bottem i can't remember the name of it.

    and i think that is it. i do 3X10 on all.
    Any advice?

  2. Switch to incline DB or BB press as your first lift and do incline flys at ~45 degrees.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys


  3. gotcha. this helps out quite a bit?

  4. if your upper is lagging always hit it first when your fresh as already stated. i had the same problem when i started out and then tried to fix it. i didnt notice any real difference until i started doing my incline work at a 30 degree angle instead of the common 45. at 45 degrees it still puts alot of the work on the front delts. taking it back to 30 puts alot more onto your upper chest and less stress on the front delt. ive noticed alot of pros using30 degrees aswell in footage i find floating around the internet. its actually alot harder at 30 degrees because of taking emphasis off of the shoulders. this can be debated all day but i had the same problem you did and this is what fixed if for me, hope it helped.

  5. Check into neck presses. Those, incline DB presses and DB pullovers are pretty good for me. I mostly do pullovers for serratus though.

  6. I would look into Incline DB press. Just make sure your form is down before going really heavy. I prefer this over Incline BB due to a previous shoulder injury.

  7. Stop doing decline work for chest. Most of the time its over developed already.

  8. stop doing decline completely?

    Well yesterday was chest day and i started out on incline BB, then decline BB then flat bench BB can feel it alot more now in my upper chest Will do the same next week when i alternate to DB's for chest.

  9. yeah id toss the decline. most people do it wrong anyway. if your lower chest is lacking(which believe it or not, some people do have under developed loer pecs) then do dips or decline flys but opt out for the press. your wasting energy that could be used elsewhere and do more good.

  10. gotcha. Decline flys. will give it a shot and see what happens.

  11. When I do decline presses I don't really feel it in my chest as much as I would with say, any other chest exercise. lol

    I suppose it's my build. I'm sure decline presses work well for some people, but for me, they're essentially useless.

    For the most part, as far as "feel" goes, I get a certain feel doing neck presses, a certain feel with doing basically any other type of chest press (including incline), and another different feel when doing any kind of fly. Keep in mind I'm still speaking in terms relative to my own build, so you may be similar or different.

    Study your own body and you'll start to learn what works best for you. This way you can plan your training around what you know works best for you, rather than straight up copying another person's routine exactly which might not suit you at all. For instance, over time I've learned that even though I could easily work out for 2+ hours if I wanted to, if I actually want to see progression as far as strength gains, or even mass gains, less is more (in terms of volume, intensity and time; higher frequency actually works better for me). When you see yourself progressing, you know you're doing something right. Once you start slowing down, start switching things up (after learning); when you find yourself progressing again, you know you've found something that works well for "you." Over time, after learning more and more about yourself, you start to find that knowing what you have to do to achieve results becomes the easy part of the game.

  12. I would try pre-exhuast or post-exhaust workouts at a 30 degree angle. For Example:

    Post-Exhaust- Bench 30 degrees. Incline barbell press to failure, followed by incline dumbbell fly without rest until failure. Rep range between 8-12, 4-6 sets.

    That's probably all you would need for chest. Sometimes less is more, especially when it comes to growth. Over-training will make you it impossilbe to gain.

    I would also do some shoulder work, a lot more than chest. It could very well be that your shoulders are weak, causing your incline to suffer.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by BigRed86 View Post
    stop doing decline completely?

    Well yesterday was chest day and i started out on incline BB, then decline BB then flat bench BB can feel it alot more now in my upper chest Will do the same next week when i alternate to DB's for chest.
    People have different genes, so some develop upper easier than others. If upper is lagging, it's good to do that first (after warmups). You might also try upper and flat one workout and upper and decline next workout. Try different things and see what works (give each new routine for at least a month before deciding if it's working for you) good luck!


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