Routine help/overtraining?

  1. Drew,

    I already answered this on my board, but for the benefit of those readers here, I'll answer it here too.

    Was the progression the same for all three workouts? If so, you may need to cut back, generally if the overall volume/frequency is correct, at least one of those workouts, for at least some of the lifts should show better progress.

    Now lets take a second to discuss that lowly one rep increase. Many guys think its insignificant, lets look closer.

    Perhaps the best and easiest way to actually understand what an increase means, and to be able to look at increases on a comparative basis is a simple:

    Weight x reps = work completed

    And yes, I fully understand for this formula to be complete and give ACTUAL results we would have to include the time factor (speed of movement), AND distance moved in the equation, but Iím trying to keep it simple, and we will go on the understanding that the rep cadence is to be kept constant for this to be reliable.

    Using this formula, most people will be extremely surprised to find what a HUGE increase that lowly single rep is relative to adding a small chunk of iron. Lets do a little math!

    On week one Joe trainee benches 275 x 8, this looks like:

    275 x 8 = 2200 lbs

    Now, next week he does one of two things. A) Adds 5 more lbs. B) Adds one more rep. Which is a bigger increase?

    280 x 8 = 2240 lbs

    275 x 9 = 2475 lbs

    The one rep increase is 235 lbs additional workload over the 5 lb increase workload.

    Iron Addict

  2. Routine help/overtraining?

    In my second week of this routine:

    Tues.- Bench (3 sets), DB Incline (2 sets), Dips (1 set)
    Shoulder Press (2 sets), Cable lateral raise (2 sets)
    Skull Crushers (2 sets), DB Overhead Ext. (1 set)

    Thurs.- Legs

    Sat- Chins (3 sets), Bent-over row (3 sets)
    Shrugs (2 sets)
    Barbell Curl (2 sets)
    Forearms (2 sets)

    I'm working in the 8-10 rep range. The first week of doing bench I did, 10,9, & 8 reps. I just got done lifting and did the same weight 10,10,8. Now, technically, I gained an extra rep this week, but I thought i'd be able to get 10 reps on all 3 sets.
    Does this mean I need to cut back on exercises or rest an extra day? Or should I wait to see my progress next week. I'm still trying to determine what I'm able to do as far as # of exercises and days of rest I need. Any suggesetions or help is appreciated.

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