What is the difference between deadlifting with straight bar and using hexbar

  1. What is the difference between deadlifting with straight bar and using hexbar

    At my high school my coach makes us deadlift with the hexbar is doing it with a hexbar any different then a straightbar are there different muscles used or anything

  2. The idea is that it is easier to keep form with the hex bar. It helps you go up in a straight line. A lot of people don't do deadlifts because they don't want to get hurt so they would avoid deadlift. This helps make it safer, or so the manufacturers claim. I haven't done a whole lot of research on it, but just easier to lift up in a straight line.

  3. it also adds 100 pounds to ur deadlift thats why nearly every guy on the team will be deadlifting 400+ in reality its a 300 deadlift, which isnt special

  4. I don't like the hexbar for deadlifting because it's too easy to enter into squat formation. Most likely you will have less back activity. With a straight bar you have lots of back activity. The hexbar is great for squats and farmers walks though.
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  5. With the hex bar the main muscles recruited in the deadlift are the hamstrings and traps. with a bar, there is much more back activity in the lats and there is more focus on the glutes.

  6. I agree, I would also say at a younger age Hex bar would be the more realistic route to go in terms of deadlift. Especially when many younger athletes don't have the necessary form/strength in their lower back to handle higher weights. Hex bar IMHO is a good place to start with deadlift, but straight bar is where the party is at.

  7. Hex bar puts the center of mass of the weight at your sides. With a barbell, the center is slightly in front of your body. The hex bar is more squat-like in my opinion. It is a bit safer and tends to have less back rounding. If you're training for a powerlifting competition go with regular deadlifts. If not, hex bar to your hearts content.


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