Workout program over the past 5 weeks

  1. Thumbs up Workout program over the past 5 weeks

    After reading articles and stuff from IA and others; I realized I had been doing high intensity stuff for quite a long time and I felt a switch was needed.... and boy was it! I gained some serious strength and size from this... Right now I'm weighing in at 187, and I've been setting PRs everyday!

    my volume Decline bench went from 160lbs to 180lbs, Deadlifts have been working my legs how I like it; they work my quads enough to make them grow; and my back has been getting much larger along with my traps and rear delts... started my first deadlifting session at 135lbs 5 weeks ago and now am doing 195lbs

    I think I may do this for about another 5 weeks; and then jump back in DC style for 3-4 weeks and see how I react...

    this doesnt seem like much but its a lot for me

    I decided to do a lowered volume routine, remember only the last set of the exercise is sometimes to failure, it took some getting used to... BigPeteFox and IA's articles had a big impact on how all this was set up (notice no bicep isolations)... here's how it went:

    Day 1
    Decline Bench 4x8 (last set reps should be hard)
    Shoulder Press 3x8 "
    Tricep Dips 4x8 "
    Calf Raises 3x10

    Day 2 rest
    Day 3 rest
    Day 4
    Pullups 4x8
    Deadlifts 3x8
    Bent over Rows 4x8
    Cable Rows 3x8

    Day 5 rest
    Day 6 rest
    Day 7
    Decline Bench 3x8
    Incline DB Bench 3x8
    Lateral Raises 3x8
    CG Bench 3x8

    Day 8 rest
    Day 9 rest
    Day 10
    Pulldowns 4x8
    Deadlifts 3x8
    BB Rows 4x8
    Cable Rows 3x8

  2. Bean, your workout kinda looks like mine now. I was doing the DC/IA type training while off. Now while on M1T,I modifided it by upping the volume and adding an exercise to each bodypart. With the previous training I was just doing one exercise per body part, rest/paused. Now I'm doing 3 sets 8reps per exercise and adding an extra exercise in some cases. It seems to be working well, cause I get hella sore. The extra volume/change of pace, works while 'on'. I'll go back to the lower rep/high intensity training while off, my workout are only 30mins then.

  3. Thanks, now I feel like I belong!

    I do know something, eh?

  4. Do you find that the deadlifts hit your hamstrings enough to elicit sufficient growth? I see there's no squats involved here and am curious about the overall leg development you're seeing.

  5. He should be fine with deads, just do stiff-legged to hit hams abit..

  6. looks good eat big.
    I respect someone who focuses on compound movements when you are relatively new. I have seen it oh too many times that a guy will ask me what i am doing to be moving so much weight and I tell him "just concentrating on big lifts".
    with their total acceptance of what i have to say, only to see him a few weeks or a month later still the same packages with only a few more veins visible on his bi's, doing the same isolation exercises. watching me turn into in human or big pete.


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