Cable Pull Through - Anyone doing them?

  1. Cable Pull Through - Anyone doing them?

    I was looking for a new Hamstring exercise and saw these. Is anyone currently doing these? If so, how do you like them?

    YouTube - Pullthrough Exercise

  2. As an accessory to Sumo or Romanian DLs, their ok. As a primary hammie movement, they such IMO.

  3. I actually did pull throughs for the first time Friday and loved them! I intended for them to be a hammie excercise but the way I did them had my back pumped more. I could def. feel tension in my hamstrings at the bottom but I think they worked more of my back. I could not watch the video, so I do not know how he does them, but from what I have heard if you do them with bent legs it puts more pressure on the glutes and hammies. I did them with a wide stance and straight legs, but I will be doing them with a narrower stance and straight legs next time to try to get more leg/glute involvement.

  4. You can also try them with a wide stance and actually squat a little as the handle pulls you down. This will usually hit the hamstrings and glutes harder. If you bend primarily at the back, it will hit the low back harder. Just experiment a little with different styles and see which hits the areas you're trying to target the best.

  5. I want it to specifically hit the Hams & Glutes.

    Thanks for the feedback. I'll try these out soon.



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