Split, or FBW?

  1. Split, or FBW?

    I currently like my routine, but sometimes feel like i could achieve a little more if i focused on each muscle group a bit more...Although, i do like hitting everything Mon-Wed-Fri in my FBW routine. I feel like i could possibly train my chest harder if I maybe did another chest exercise, etc...What is a split routine? Are they better?

    Bench Press
    Pull ups

    Overhead press
    Push ups, 3 sets until failure
    BB Rows

    Incline db Bench
    Chin ups

    I have to include push ups into my routine, because I'm increasing those for the military. (2 more months)

    Anything i should tweak, or maybe should i have a chest and triceps day, back and shoulder day, etc?

    I've just been wondering if it would be better for me to do bench press, incline and dips all in one day...Something like that.

    Appreciate the help, thanks.

  2. I prefer full body routines - just increase your amount of movements. You're only doing 4 lifts a day - up that to 6 or 7. Add Deadlifts to your Wed routine.
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  3. I changed it to this, what do you think?

    Monday Push/Pull:

    Bench Press x 3
    Overhead Press x 3
    BB row x3
    Upright row x 3
    Overhead Extensions x 2
    Push downs x 2

    Wednesday Pull/Push:

    One Arm DB Rows x 3
    Chin ups x 3
    incline Press x 3
    Dips x 3
    Concentration Curls x 2
    Preacher Curls x 2

    Friday Legs:

    Squats x 3
    Push ups x 3
    Leg Press x 3
    Leg Curls x 3
    Squat lunge x 3
    Calf Raises x 3

    I just put this together and it looks like everything is equal...The only reason why i have push ups for leg day, is because it's only 3 sets until failure and i don't think i'll be over doing it...I'm only doing it that day, because i couldn't really fit it in on another day and i need to continue to work on those every now and then.

    I can't do deadlifts, due to a car accident. I can't even do hyperextensions. It stinks, because deadlifts used to be my favorite thing to do...

  4. If that's you're set-up, I'd put legs on Wed and your upper body days at opposite ends of the week - more recovery time for those muscle groups.
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