The evolution of rest-pause training

  1. The evolution of rest-pause training

    This is an interesting training method called Myo-reps, which is basically an evolution of rest-pause training, but with a few twists to increase effectiveness. Part 2 talks about a way of auto-regulating training volume so that you have a better chance of finding that elusive spot between doing just enough work to get a growth response and doing so much that you move into overtraining territory.

    Rest-pause is nothing new, but the Myo-reps method as a whole will vastly improve your mass and strength gains, it has been the most successful I've ever experienced and the only method so far which allowed me to retain pressing strength on a diet down to 5% bf.

    Recommended splits are the DC 2-way (upper/lower), or push/pull - working every muscle group 2x/week (up to 3x/week at lighter loads) or a minimum of once every 5 days.

    I also recommend DatBTrue's VROM principles.

    The articles are in Norwegian, but use Google Translator to read all about it.

    Google Translate

    Input the following to read each part, there are some minor stuff lost in translation here and there but you should be able to grasp the fundamentals:

    :: MyoRevolution ::
    :: MyoRevolution ::
    :: MyoRevolution ::

    edit: ok, I see links are automatically parsed, so you just have to have two tabs/windows open, click the links and then copy/paste into the Google Translate box.

  2. Interseted, but the translation thingy isn't working for me!!!
    Think training's hard,. try losing!

  3. When you click on the link, copy the whole URL into the "Translate a webpage" box - select Norwegian into English, click Translate - and there you go...

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