Knee Problem

  1. Knee Problem

    Sorry if I'm in the wrong section but my brother has been complaining about pain in one of his knees for awhile now and it doesn't seem to wanna go away.

    Basically he says it hurts more when he walks up stairs than when he's walking down them. Tries to avoid stairs regardless of which way he's going.

    Said that it does hurt if he puts too much pressure on it while walking down a flight though. Driving and pushing on the pedals seems to be enough to cause discomfort for him but not sure to what extent.

    If he bends his leg, and then extends it, he can pretty much make it click every time he extends his leg.

    Anyone have any idea what it might be and ways we can go and try to rehabilitate his knee in the meantime? He's been keeping ice on it a lot (probably for a month or so?) and he's been complaining about it for at least half a year now probably. He was able to snowboard last season so I'm guessing on the length of time his knee has been giving him trouble.

    Would go to a doctor but we don't have insurance and he's finishing up his degree so has no money to pay for treatment on his own at the moment and I'm in school full-time myself.

  2. I've had 2 knee surgeries and will be having more soon so I know a little bit about these problems. Did he have a specific moment which began these pains or has it developed over time?

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