herniated disk

  1. herniated disk

    can a herniated disk ever fully recover?? i hurt my back doing deads and had an MRI done, and told i had the herniated disk. will i ever get to lift heavy again?? maybe not deads, but i would love to squat again...

  2. just started squatting 9 months after I herniated. It still isn't comfortable.

  3. yeah, im not putting alot of pressure on it yet. being very careful because i dont want injure it further. focusing on strengthening myh lower back thru reverse hypers and good mornings. it sucks

  4. I herniated mine july 1st doing suspended goodmornings. I herniated L4/L5 and to a lessor extent L5/L6. I finally started squatting again two weeks ago and my back is feeling good.

    I took the first 5-6 weeks off of legs entirely and then started doing leg presses, leg ext and leg curls as they didn't aggravate my back. When my back felt good again I started squatting, first week was fairly light and the second week I did a reg squat routine going up to a 1 rm. I haven't done deads yet as I'll wait another month to do those but so far so good.

  5. is there anything i can take to completly heal the one herniated disk?? maybe some site injections of something.......

  6. i have one in the my lower back also from doing squats and deadlifts on leg day while cutting with good form! i guess my back was exhausted from one big lift that even with good form, the stress on the discs was too much.

    i now dont do either one. not worth the risk for me. neuro doctor said only solution is do a microdisectomy but thats just scary at age 23.

  7. found a new procedure that repairs the whole in the disk. the outer wall of the disk is called the annulus. they insert a balloon into the inner wall and inflate it, and also inflate a balloon outside the wall. it keeps the inner fluid inside the annulus wall thus relieveing any future nerve damage.they put suctures to secure it to the outer annulus and let it heal. this will allow pressure( from weight lifting) to be put on the disk without a great risk of re-herniating the disk.


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