strained hamstring

  1. strained hamstring

    i have had a hamstring strain in my left hamstring for about 5 weeks now. according to this site, Hamstring Injury, Hamstring Strain, Treatment and Rehabilitation, it is a grade 2 strain. i am wondering what kind of training i could do to rehabilitate it as fast as possible. i absolutely hate not training legs, so i want to know if there is something i could do to work around it, etc.

  2. In all honesty man, rest is the key here. I know it's horrible to think of not training legs for a while, but it's more important to heal this injury to a full extent. It's way too easy to add insult to injury with these type of ailments with the potential to make the problem even worse than it already is.

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  3. Honestly the only thing I would even consider is some foam rolling to help recovery and then once it started to feel better some dynamic stretching may help. When you think you are 100% wait another week or two and see if it feels better before doing anything weight wise. If you try to rush a strain to much you are only taking one step forward and two steps back.
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  4. im thinking about doing unilateral training with the opposite leg then. atleast one of the legs will progress, or maintain what strength it had.

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