Tranning split on Mt-1

  1. Tranning split on Mt-1

    Can any one suggest a good tranning split while on Mt-1? If so, what volume? I was wanting to know if I should up my sets while on the Mt-1. Is 12 sets per body part enough or to much? Also, my goal is cutting., I will be thanksfull for any help.

  2. Probably the single biggest mistake people make (other than not eating enough protein) when going on a cycle is assuming that now they can do a bunch of **** in the gym they couldn't get away with when training clean. It DOES work that way for many people. But the truth is MOST people don't get that big of a boost in recovery. By that I mean it doesn't allow you to train that much more frequently, or do a LOT more volume or intensity than you could do training clean.

    What gear does is make you grow a LOT more than you would clean when doing a routine that is within your ability to recover from it. My suggestion is to take a routine you KNOW you can gain on when clean, and then let the gear amplify the results. Most people can do a few sets more, and it is a given that intensity will be higher because of nerve excitability and increased aggressiveness. I see people all the time doing HUGE doses and barely growing because they then believe they can "train like the pro's". I know because I have done the same thing myself and the end result was just a waste of time and good gear.

    If you grow OK on 12 sets when clean, fine, I'd say do it and you MIGHT be abl;e to do a couple more. I RARELY have any trainee do more than 9 sets a bodypart, and most less than that. That doesn't mean it won't work for you, or doesn't work great for MANY others. But MOST people just don't need, and in fact CAN'T productively do that many sets.

    Using the weights for burning calories while dieting is brought to you by people TOTALLY ignorant of the metabolic demands of weight training. Bodyfat reduction should be purely the result of diet and cardio work. The lifting side of it should be done the same way you built the muscle in the first place.

    Iron Addict

  3. Thanks,

    I belive that is what I was looking for.

  4. I can vouch for the frequency problem when on... IA told me the same thing and i adjusted and started to gain (whereas i had STOPPED DEAD after 9lbs for 3 weeks)

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