compressed disk

  1. compressed disk

    talked to my doc on friday, and i for sure have a compressed disk. he is ordering an MRI but that wont be for 6wks. he also said i have sciatica and its cause is either i bruised the nerve or it is herniated and pressing on the nerve. im going to find a good chiropractor and get some good decompression therapy. also plan on mega dosing super cissus starting very soon. and my heavy deadlifting days are over, which is very depressing. anything else i could do to help out my back. right now im on prednisone, vicodin, ibeprofen. vicodin doesnt help and he only wants me to take the prednisone for 10 days. im stretching as much as i can to try and alleviate the pain while on the prednisone. taking 2wks off from lifting and will start again slow.

  2. I smashed one in early february. Still dealing with it.....
    Haven't squatted or deadlifted since...

  3. Have you looked into those inverted chairs? They usually help with alleviating any compression of the spine.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  4. rodja, do you know of any good websites for those????

  5. Have you tried hanging upside down from an unmovable pull up bar?

    It's basically the same thing as the the "bat chairs", And the back bridge, they cured my back/spine/hip problems from 3 motorcycle accidents, instead of going under the knife as the "professionals" recommended.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Rugger1 View Post
    I smashed one in early february. Still dealing with it.....
    Haven't squatted or deadlifted since...

    To you and the OP, how did this happen to you guys?
    What should others do to help avoid a compressed disk?
    This sounds scary and painful

  7. For me it was a combination of 2 things.

    1) me being a dumbass and going 465 after 1 month off which included 24 days skiing in telluride getting my back's ass kicked.

    2) slipping on form. Rounded my back on the last few reps. It just sorta 'popped' for me. Couldn't finish my work out or walk for about 4 days.

    the ONLY time I've ever slipped on form it cost me, and cost me big.


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