EvoMuse Presents: Eviscerate HYPERNova

  1. EvoMuse Presents: Eviscerate HYPERNova

    HYPERNova Topical Fat Control Lotion takes four-pronged attack on fat. First, it attacks by increasing lipolysis and thermogenesis by acting directly on fat cells via localized delivery of active ingredients to Subcutaneous fat cells. Second incorporating a potent 11b-HSD inhibitor which reduces cortisol levels, reducing abdominal fat.) Third, we induce the browning of subcutaneous fat which causes another rapid increase of thermogenesis, turning your fat cells into little fat burning furnaces. And lastly, HYPERnova blocks key enzymes and pathways involved in Adipogenesis/Lipogenesis, preventing the storage of fat in the first place, resulting in a rapid leaning effect. It makes no sense to wait until fat is actually deposited into fat cells, then trying to wrangle it back out again to burn it. Burn it before it even gets a chance to be stored.

    Available for purchase now as an unlabeled beta.

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  2. Ordered mine! Never used a topical type product, I’m very excited to see how this goes!

    Evomuse makes nothing but top notch products!

  3. Got one on the way. Still my favorite company to date. This is an upgrade to Supernova?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Drakee View Post
    Got one on the way. Still my favorite company to date. This is an upgrade to Supernova?
    Yup this is an upgrade. It takes Supernova and adds the ability to block fat from being able to be stored in the first place.

  5. @dsade,
    What is the dosing protocol for HyperNova? Same as the other topical products?



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