EvoMuse Presents: Eviscerate HYPERNova

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    I'm waiting for more bottles. I ran out this week, but there will be a 2 bottle special.
    Excellent. Need to stock up for cutting season.

  2. Can I exchange an old/unopened bottle of Supernova?

  3. Restock?

  4. Anyone heard from Matt? Bought some hypernova that is essentially unuseable, tried everything and it still comes out in clumps. Emailed him but havent heard back

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  5. It's pretty clumpy. So much that I have to use 2 pairs of old boxer briefs and 2 shirts to contain the mess.

    I apply the hypernova with boxer briefs on, let it dry, put an old shirt on, put another old pair of boxer briefs on and TUCK the shirt into the 2nd pair of boxer briefs. Then put another shirt on since you may get spots on the first shirt.

    Kind of a pain but I think it works.



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