Straining out solids from Absolutely Abliderated?

  1. Question Straining out solids from Absolutely Abliderated?

    Long story short, a while back I bought 2 bottles, the first bottle had barely any solid stuff in it.

    On the second bottle now, but there is a ton of stuff so whenever I apply it pieces of it get all over and unfortunately some ends up on my floor and had some unknowingly rub into a light colored shirt the other day (not a huge deal but I was going to wear that shirt out later).

    Anyway, just wondering if I were to strain the bottle to get rid of all the solid stuff floating in it, would it significantly reduce any of the effectiveness of the product at this point? I don't think so, as these pieces are not really being absorbed into my skin anyway, just wanted to see if anyone else has done this.

  2. It's carbomer that's clumping up.

    I apply in the shower and rub vigorously and thuroughly until completely dried and all crumbs crumbled to the floor of the shower. Step out and rinse the floor of the shower down the drain.

    Imho if you strain the solids you'll also strain out activies and any efforts to remedy this with a DIY is a waste of time.

    Heat up a cup of water in a coffee cup and soak bottle and shake vigorously before application. It can improve it but it's not a complete solution as it is what it is and aside from a replacement there's not much else to do. Btw it's no less effective in this condition.

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