I hate you EVOMUSE........

  1. I hate you EVOMUSE........

    That your products are so damn good and always out of stock.

    So ended of march 2017 went to ER and felt all ****ed off. Well my blood sugar was 350. Short story I got adult onset diabetes from drinking to much booze and weighing in at 310lbs height 6'0"

    Fasting blood sugar was 250+

    Well anywho order some Abliderate AMMO, Epiotome, Slintensity, multivitamin and fish oil. Also had 2 bottle of Cardiotrax from previous years.

    Since I am a alcoholic. I switched to caffiene free diet soda and Rum. no more beer or sugary drinks. You CANNOT quit cold turkey. It will **** you up or kill you. Look up it. I found out the hard way by getting the DT's hallucinations and so on.

    So 1st 2 months was drinking 750ml bottle a night. Now down to 2 to 3 50ml shots a shot.

    Now for the good stuff.
    Switched my diet to meat and veggies. no bread or processed carbs. calories ranged from 1800 to 2500 a day.

    Protein sources.....boneless skinless chicken breast, boneless skinless thighs. chicken wings, flap meat, t bone steaks, 85/15 ground beef, whatever fish on sale. Ate all types of meat regared less if it was lean or not.

    Veggies. sweet potatos. (must be boiled GI is 46. if you bake it jumps to 90+). broccoli, califlower mash with garlic, mixxed greens with ranch, tons of bell peppers sweet peppers jalipenos ghost peppers, asparrigas, brussil spouts, onions, and so on.

    Also tons of beans....pintos, black beans, kidney beans and so on.

    fruit maybe bannana or orange post workout.

    At 1st it sucked but after a couple of weeks the cravings for sweets went away.

    So took AMMO before Bed. Epitome as directed.
    Cardiotrax before hiking and oh damn you can tell huge difference if I for got to take. Was using phone app. ALL TRAILS to record my times and I would lose 5-10mins.

    April hiked or walked. 3-7 miles 5 days a week. No weights. Dropped 30lbs. Alcohol still a bottle a day.

    March added weights twice a week. Upper body only. Still 3-7miles a day 5 days a week. So one day I would do a moderate or difficult 5-7 mile trail.
    Then next day 3 mile walk. Legs were always blasted so no weights except some romanian style deads once a week for lower back and hammies.
    Dropped another 30lbs. Fasted Blood sugar was down to 160. Alcohol 2/3's to a bottle a day.

    So up to current. I am down to 225. Fasted blood sugar 90 to 120. Alcohol 200mls or less a day. Gonna shift gears back to muscle build now.

    So yeah Epitome is beyond excellent for the 1st 2 months. Making me sweat damn near all the time. 3rd month after weight loss not as noticeable.

    Ammo took for 1st month before I would drink in the evening. Would not feel hungover in the morning. took 2nd month off and resumed 3rd month.
    I can actually do stomach vacuums now. The majority of my fat was visceral fat. I had a real hard beer belly. No flabby fat at all. AMMO crushed it.

    Slintensity is the lifesaver. I chose not to go on metformin cause it reduces your protein synthesis and so on.
    So if my blood sugar was high pop 1 and it would drop my blood glucose 40 to 50 points. I used without eating carbs.

    But theres my lil story. I had a kitchen fire a couple weeks back and all my supplements went up in the flames. Lost 3 bottles of brite. Some epitome and last of the cardiotrax. Went to order more and No one has in stock.

    So hating on ya right now. But damn love ya for making such good products.

    Need to find some pics but my computer was in kitchen and burnt up too. Thank goodness my issurance was up to date.

  2. Awesome work my man!! Really well done turning it all around, I think going cold turkey with alcohol is a one way ticket to a hospital bed for sure. Keep it up brother.

  3. Oh yeah and went to hospital a few weeks ago for 1st time since march and Doctors were blown away.

    Adult onset type 2 is reversable without meds. I will type to find copys of my blood work.

    Yeah I was in hospital cause i started having real bad withdrawls 2 weeks ago.

  4. If i could afford to go to rehab for a month I would....but then who is gonna feed my kids.....

  5. That's it man... your doing everything you can to change and that's what a most important.

  6. Keep up the awesomeness!

  7. my poor brite stored in a nice cool place

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  8. Dude, that is some awesome progress! Keep up the fight!

    I have the same love/hate with EvoMuse. I need more Nerve Restore!

    But I believe there is still some Brite available on the EvoMuse site. Matt posted a coupon code on Facebook the other day.

  9. BRITE was just restocked with the new pump bottles!

    DTs are no joke. I dated an alcoholic and was there to see it. Somehow I appreciate my bleeding ulcer because I physically can't drink anymore, but your story is hugely inspiring.

    We have a restock of Clear Edge coming which I expect to sell out again, and I'll be able to get a nice avalanche of restocked products moving....finally.
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  10. found one other many old hospital bloods
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    and current stomach vaccum

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    not very good pic but you can get the idea


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