EvoMuse Presents: DCP

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  1. This is my first batch in years and I haven't had any side effects yet. I feel either the capsaicin or menthol, but it's not bothering me. Similar to Lipomorph.

    I'm usually super sensitive to anything that could upset ones stomach, but so far, I'm good.

  2. Awesome, thanks for the responses. I will be ordering some soon.
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by cubsfan815 View Post
    So are most of you not getting the heartburn or stomach issues with the new batch? If so, I'll need to order some. The last batch was really hard to stomach for the first few weeks.
    I had slight heartburn once but that was because I didn't drink enough water.
    No problems since, 1 glass of water seems to be enough for me (2 caps) but being safe a drinking more is better.

  4. I actually had to stop using the last version of DCP because the capcaisin was killing my stomach. The new version with the cyclodextrin encapsulation is much better.
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  5. Don't drink carbonated beverages around the time you take your DCP. Burps + DCP = throat fire.

  6. Just finished a run of defuse.... is it ok to take DCP right now ?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by machine528 View Post
    Just finished a run of defuse.... is it ok to take DCP right now ?
    Could be used together or separately. Different kind of products.

  8. On DCP 2 and a half weeks now. Noticing no sides. Not sure on any fatloss. Going to give it it's full run for a legit review.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by dsade View Post
    DCP is a lot faster acting. You should see results within the first few days.

    I recommend taking it with food and PLENTY of water.
    Do you recommend taking with food for best results or just to prevent heart burn?
    And do you still recommend a cap or 2 preworkout?

  10. I started using this since last Saturday and no problems at all , I am going to be taking it with glycoshield, I took 2 caps this morning before my WO and was sweeting pretty good.

  11. Took first dose today, interested to see results at the end of the week.


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