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  1. Quote Originally Posted by T3x View Post
    So does ERbeta modulate NO locally, or did I misread that paper? If so, does it explain why e2 blood levels correlate, nonlinear, with erectile function?
    It goes far beyond that, actually getting into development, tissue generation/regeneration, and overall functionality.

    Histol Histopathol. 2006 Jan;21(1):53-67. doi: 10.14670/HH-21.53.
    The penis: a new target and source of estrogen in male reproduction.
    Mowa CN1, Jesmin S, Miyauchi T.
    Author information

    In the past decade, interest and knowledge in the role of estrogen in male reproduction and fertility has gained significant momentum. More recently, the cellular distribution and activity of estrogen receptors (alpha and beta)(ER) and aromatase (estrogen synthesis) has been reported in the penis, making the penis the latest "frontier" in the study of estrogen in male reproduction. ER and aromatase are broadly and abundantly expressed in various penile compartments and cell types (erectile tissues, urethral epithelia, vascular and neuronal cells), suggesting the complexity and significance of the estrogen-ER system in penile events. Unraveling this complexity is important and will require utilization of the various resources that are now at our disposal including, animal models and human lacking or deficient in ER and aromatase and the use of advanced and sensitive techniques. Some of the obvious areas that require our attention include: 1) a comprehensive mapping of ER-alpha and -beta cellular expression in the different penile compartments and subpopulations of cells, 2) delineation of the specific roles of estrogen in the different subpopulations of cells, 3) establishing the relationship of the estrogen-ER system with the androgen-androgen receptor system, if any, and 4) characterizing the specific penile phenotypes in human and animals lacking or deficient in estrogen and ER. Some data generated thus far, although preliminary, appear to challenge the long held dogma that, overall, androgens have a regulatory monopoly of penile development and function.

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  2. And this is why we are using an ERb specific agonist, granted in low dosage...


    Estrogen, largely produced in testis and adrenal gland, may play important roles in male reproduction. Most of the effects of estrogens are mediated by binding of estrogen to one or both of the two estrogen receptor (ER) subtypes α and β. Recently, they have been described in testis, prostate, and efferent ducts, mostly in rodents. The goal of this study was to prove the evidence of ERs in human corpus cavernosum and male urethra, exploring the protein expression of these receptors by immunohistochemistry. Corpus cavernosum and corpus spongiosum smooth muscle was immunoreactive for the androgen receptor (AR), ERα, and strongly for ERβ. Endothelial cells were negative for AR, sporadically positive for ERα, and positive for ERβ. Urethral epithelium showed strong nuclear expression of AR, predominantly in the basal cell layer, and nuclear expression of ERα in the intermediate cells. ERβ was highly expressed in almost all urethral nuclei and, much more weakly, in cytoplasm. Progesterone receptor (PGR) was negative in all cases and all tissues. These results represent the first report that ERα and particularly ERβ are regularly expressed in human penile tissue.
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  3. And another reason why companies/people looking for that single magic bullet ingredient lack vision....ER beta activation alone did increase protein synthesis, but without a combination hit with compounds to stimulate VEGF and smooth muscle proliferation the effect will be negligible.

    But that's not how we roll...

    The objective of this study was to investigate the effects of oestrogen receptor (ER) beta activation on vascular protein synthesis and protein expression. Nuclear immunoreactivity towards ER beta was observed abundantly in vascular smooth muscle and endothelial cells of mouse aorta. No ER alpha-positive cell nuclei were observed. In aorta from ovariectomized mice, treatment with the selective ER beta agonist genistein (100 nM) for 24 h increased [(3)H]leucine incorporation by about 30%. This effect was prevented by the ER blocker ICI 182780 (10 microM). Although genistein treatment stimulated protein synthesis, it caused no change in total protein determined either by the Lowry method on tissue homogenate or by densitometric scanning of protein bands (10-220 kDa) separated by SDS-PAGE. Separation of [(35)S]methionine-labelled proteins by SDS-PAGE did not reveal the protein(s) stimulated by genistein. DNA synthesis was not affected by 100 nM genistein, suggesting that genistein-induced stimulation of protein synthesis is not part of a growth response. Protein expression, determined by SDS-PAGE, was similar in aorta from ER beta-knockout and wild-type mice, suggesting that expression of vascular proteins does not depend solely on a functional ER beta gene. We suggest that activation of vascular ER beta stimulates synthesis of proteins and that this response is not associated with vascular growth.

    Stimulation of vascular protein synthesis by activation of oestrogen receptor beta (PDF Download Available). Available from: https://www.researchgate.net/publica..._receptor_beta [accessed Mar 05 2018].
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by Daxter View Post
    Are you testing it with or without the androgen component?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Ape McGrapes View Post
    I've played with incorporating DHEA in a cyclodetrin-Liposome with success. In combination with the E. Ulmoides and Gibberellic Acid (see the TopMuscle writeup) we can enhance conversion to test as well as amplifying the androgenic effects at the receptor. So, it will probably have DHEA in it.

    I haven't decided whether or not to include Butea Superba, since the effects on DHT have been controversial thus far.
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  6. There goes my huge schlong, customs will confiscate anything with dhea in it


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