Absolutely Abliderated usage

  1. Absolutely Abliderated usage

    I presently workout 1-2 hours after waking. I am currently using Absolutely Abliderated after working out and showering and was wondering if it would be more beneficial to use prior to working out or is it better to be on longer?

  2. Doesn't matter. I workout in the Am as well and I dose mine after workout shower.
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    I'm a Brooklyn boy I may take some gettin' use to

  3. Do you shower when you wake? If so, I would apply it then.

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  4. If you shower before you workout that would be a good time. If you shower after you workout then apply it after workout.

    It really doesn't matter that much, but post shower/exfoliating would be ideal to increase absorption.
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    PM me with any questions!

  5. Excellent. Thanks for the response.



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