Glycomyx returning?

  1. Glycomyx returning?

    So, a while back there was mention of a new glycomyx on facebook. Is this still in the pipeline?

  2. I believe Matt has intentions of reintroducing it to the EvoMuse line. I know he has some other projects that have taken the forefront, so it may have been postponed until some of his other projects are completed (e.g., MyoSynergy, Demolish, Whey Creamy, etc.).

  3. As far as I know like D said this is still in the pipeline.
    EvoMuse Products Rep

    PM me with any questions!

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Geoforce View Post
    As far as I know like D said this is still in the pipeline.
    I've been using palatinose since it's been discontinued. I really like it.

    I'd like to see it in a mixture with the purple sweet potato powder.

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