AMP - Echinopsine?

  1. AMP - Echinopsine?

    Hey people,

    Echinopsine is obviously the stimulant found in AMP.

    theres next to no info on the net about this stuff... what does it do and how?

    Wikipedia has a bit of info on Echinopsidine... but it has a different structure and I'm not sure the effects would be the same or similar?
    And why was Echinopsine chosen over Echinopsidine?


  2. Is this for real?
    Nobody from E-Pharm has a single shred of information about a ingredient in one of their products?

  3. Yes, this is for real.

  4. yeh... it was a rhetorical question..

  5. So we have Echinopsine and Echinopsidine.
    They seem to be very similar with the former having a ketone and the latter a nitrogen in the same position... (i think? lol).

    Also curious why Echinopsine was chosen in AMP over Echinopsidine... possibly because patent/legal issues? Since Echinopsidine is (or was?) sold or researched as "Adepren" in Bulgaria.

    Anyway, I recieved my bottle last week. And I do like the product alot.
    Feels like a milder version of Gaspari's original Detonate... the focus/mood enhancement is nice and smooth. And my whole mind/body just feels "right" on this.

    I will be ordering more in future

    Would still be great if PA could shed some light on the Echinopsine though, as I do have a general interest in stimulants



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