7 Spray or UR Spray?

  1. 7 Spray or UR Spray?

    Hello, I'm new to this forum and new to the pa sprays. I was out of shape big time after being in shape my whole life playing soccer in college. Well time caught with me so I decided to get back in shape. I'm 5'8 and had hit almost 200 pounds but didn't really look fat with clothes on but I knew the truth. So I started getting back in shape with eating right working out doing T25 with weights, biking, running etc. I've gotten great results down 20 lbs and 2 paints sizes. My core is actually visible again with my upper abs coming along great. Problem is I'm kind of stuck. I was looking to one of these sprays to help with losing that last little bit of lower belly fat.

    Question is I'm just not sure which one UR or 7. My goal and to drop that bottom circle of belly fat to really have my core looking good along with maybe another 10 lbs max.

    Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!

  2. id go with the 7 spray personally for fat loss, should help you get over the hump. Might want to consider the 11-oxo as well for better cortisol control

  3. 7 spray is definitely great for getting that last little bit of fat off due to cortisol.

    Ur spray is also great for fatloss and keeping muscle while dieting and doing cardio.

    Either way you can't go wrong but 7 spray is the spray id recommend for the goals you have outlined.
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