7-spray and WADA

  1. 7-spray and WADA

    It has recently come to our attention that 7-keto DHEA has been added to the WADA prohibited list for 2012, so athletes tested under WADA restrictions should be aware that this product could cause a positive result in a doping test.

    Wada Prohibited List 2012
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  2. interesting.

    so, about the dosing. is there a legit rec dosing to get x amount of milligrams onto the skin?

    I pretty much get my entire upperbody (chest,abs,neck,arms) as well as testicles covered in about 10-13 sprays, as well as do this without using my palms, (except for the nutz).

    I dont apply any to my legs, but have.

    my upper body is shaved, and i always apply post shower and use full sprays.

    I think i remember pa saying it doesn't matter, just cover the entire body, however many sprays it takes to do that is user dependant.
    Olympus Labs Rep in the UK ;)

  3. 7.2 grams total active ingredients per bottle, 30mg per cc, 240ml total volume. Each spray is 1/7 of cc approximately. 8 cc’s would be a typical amount you put on (we tend to suggest 40 - 50 sprays per application). It has no specific serving size - experimentation is welcome as these are "prototype" products. The bottle generally lasts 25-30 days depending on how liberal you are with your spraying.
    Antus Labs rep

  4. Thanks.
    Olympus Labs Rep in the UK ;)

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