Lean Xtreme stack? What is the best choice...

  1. Lean Xtreme stack? What is the best choice...


    I want to start with LeanXtreme and i wonder what is the best supplement to stack with it....

    I was thinking about:

    Athletic Xtreme Lean FX
    Reduce XT

    any other suggestion is welcome...

    Also i have some ECA on hand..


  2. anyone?

  3. By itself works perfectly fine actually very well.

    Throw in a cup of coffee, a caff tab or do what I do and stack with a scoop of condense.

  4. Anybody stack lean xtreme with SNS reduce xt? I'm about to run some ECA with the newest version of LX and was thinking about throwing in some SNS Reduce xt but curious to know if anybody has tried this stack yet.

  5. I think it's overkill IMO, you get beyond sufficient control with the new version ( salvia/dihydramax )

    I was never a big fan of 7-0h since it kills my joints.



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