triazole, AX, LX stack cycle question

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    triazole, AX, LX stack cycle question

    Hey guys, I have one bottle of each in my hands and I'm very excited to start my 6-8 weeks cutting cycle from Monday! I have read tons of threads says different plans and the 12 weeks recommended plan, even that someone kinda changed it a little bit on further posts, so i'm bit confused!
    So... someone knows which way would be the best to take them? Was thinking something like:

    plan 1:
    1-2 weeks : AX
    2-4 weeks: triazole, AX
    4-6 weeks: triazole, LX
    6-8 weeks: LX

    or plan 2:
    1-2 weeks : triazole
    2-4 weeks: triazole, AX
    4-6 weeks: AX, LX
    6-8 weeks: LX

    Oh and as i have 1 bottle of lipo 6 black, should i...
    1. run it together with LX
    2. run it week 8-12 after LX finishes
    3. run one of them week 1-4, and the other 4-8 (if that, which first?)
    4. add it on plan 1 or 2 like:
    6-8 weeks: LX, lipo6b
    8-10 weeks: lipo6b
    or just forget about it?

    ...or something else you recommend instead of plan 1 or 2? First time using the stack and main purpose is cut, lower my bf % and keep as much muscle as possible!

    Hope i didnt bore you to death! Thanks in advance!

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    Plan 2. If you are going to run the Lipo start it right away and then follow that up with the LX.

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