Prime with AX or Triazole ?

  1. Prime with AX or Triazole ?

    What would be a better stack ?

  2. I do not have experience with Prime, although i have heard good reviews about it and it seems to be reputable.

    But i believe the mega-stack would be more effective. Definetly a more intense stack in my opinion. People have been getting great results from it. The mega-stack is AX, TZ, and LX...heres a link

    Granted, Prime is pretty intense. Maybe stack them all? Triple crown+prime.....jeepers that would be scary.

  3. If you are on more of a budget but still want results...the triple crown stack is great too.

    Consists of Erase (Anti-E), Titanium (T booster), and Alpha-T2 which as been raved about as a great lbm builder.

    Erase is dose dependent and is inherently an anti-E whereas TZ will also boost free and total test. I think AX is a better product than Titanium..and both AX and TZ have more research backing them i.e the bloodwork for TZ....

    If you have the money...i would do the mega stack

  4. I never fully understood the mechanism that Prime worked through, so find it hard to really give advice. That said, i doubt you can really go wrong with either!
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by Billd82 View Post
    What would be a better stack ?
    Why not just stack Activate Xtreme and Triazole?


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