mood lift from Activate?

  1. mood lift from Activate?

    Is it me, or do I feel alot happier now since I started taking Activate?? Is there something in the supplement that kicks up the endorphines up a notch? The only side I noticed was that my joints are really achy, anything I can do or take to help with this. Besides that I'm loving it so far..!

  2. Never heard about joint problems from it.

    I have heard of and experienced the mood lift though. Could be from just increased test, better recovery/sleep, or even the rhodiola.
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  3. is the rhodiola rosea

  4. Quote Originally Posted by andrew732 View Post
    is the rhodiola rosea

    Good stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. probably both test and rhodiola. the science on rhodiola is very good.

  6. I to have noticed the mood lift, or alpha male mentality, and I'm only a week into a 8 week cycle! Looking good on this stuff


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