1. N.O. Limits EXCLUSIVE!


    We have a deal with *************.com that sees that have an exclusive with NO Limits for the first month of retail. It is now available on their website and can be found here:


    $27.75 for a month's worth. Check the feedback of the testers currently logging. The effects have been noted by pretty much all as immediate, extensive and powerful.

    The write-up and FAQ can be found here, as posted by Petey: N.O. Limits FAQ

  2. I am guessing i am not allowed to post the name of that retailer?

  3. I've been told that each purchase of NO Limits is also getting a free DS t-shirt, in either blue or black, as seen here: Designer Supplements

  4. Thanks for the update and shirt offfer Rob.

  5. No problem. Its a great - Under $28 for a great product and a great shirt!



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