Does activate make you sensitive to stims?

  1. Does activate make you sensitive to stims?

    Hey guys, I have been taking activate and I have noticed that it has really put me in a great mood and made me a monster in the gym. I finished a cycle a few months ago and before activate I was experiencing lack of motivation, mild depression etc. A few days after starting I began to feel GREAT. I am no longer moody, I almost feel like I'm ON. This feeling has totaly took me by surprise! (I usually don't respond real well to herbals)

    My question is that did activate seem to make you more sensitive to stims? Today I took my usual (Once every 3 days) 3 amp + 1 heat and my Heart Rate got to about 120. Even my morning coffee makes me feel more stimmed than usual. I definately feel like my test is up alot like 4ad did. But the difference is that I feel more stimmed and happy throughout the whole day. I seem to be a hyper responder to many things but herbals don't have this much of an effect. I almost forgot what it was like to actually feel GOOD. Do you guys think that this feeling will go away with continous usage? Maybe my past cycles had my test levels suppressed. Comments appreciated!

  2. Interesting. Hopefully a DS rep will have some thoughts but Activate does seem to be very effective at raising levels of free testosterone which could certainly impart feelings of well being. Moreover, amp is chemically similar to amphetamines and they are known to impart feelings of well being (initially). It sounds like you might have found a sweet spot for yourself.

  3. Nettle root makes me feel like a champ. The times I added ephedrine to was a great energy high so there may be something to the stim thing.

    IMO, it's probably because the free test elevates several nuerological parameters to begin with so adding a stim is like icing.

    I'm considering using nettle/Activate anytime I feel the blues kick in. Testosterone used to be prescribed for depression so why not?

  4. Anyone else have any input?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by papa G
    Anyone else have any input?
    I'll move this thread over to the DS section. Perhaps then you can get some more on-point answers.

  6. I need only 1 AMP to get jazzed. No problems here combining ACT/RR with low doses of AMP.


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