New Additions to Team DS

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  1. Uhh, Null - not really.

    Guard - that info is probably left on it's own.

  2. Roger that. I wish him well anyway and congrats to all the new team members.

  3. yes...Designerville it was named. That was many moons ago, pre-ban era (PBE). Back when Sledge used to slap the paper M4OHN labels on by himself in the kitchen and ship 'em out personally the next day!

    DS has certainly grown fast and furious! Lots of hard work and quality product plus customer care. Team DS is top notch!

    Quote Originally Posted by GuardDog
    yeah, we miss Sledge.

    Where is the big rich mofo hiding this days? I hope he is building that island we were talking about. LOL

  4. LOL. Designerville has not yet been built, though we have the architect on retainer. Likewise, Matt is not yet rich. Yet.

    Growth sucks up a ton of revenue, and we are very much a cash-poor company at this point, spending a dime everytime we make a nickel.

  5. Well, you need better management TP!

    We made 36 billion last year.
    (Some employees like to add the caveat "in spite of our selves though...")

  6. We who?

    Yeah, I know. I am looking to hire someone to replace me.

  7. You know - the company that singlehandedly caused Congress to want to pass an oil windfall tax.


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