mechanisms of action of lean extreme

  1. Question mechanisms of action of lean extreme

    how does 7-OH work at controlling cortisol ?? I was wondering if it gots a special action on some cortisol enzymes which are responsible for its synthesis or does it have some special antagonist affinities for the glucocorticoid receptors ?

  2. Write-up is done. I'm just waiting for Steve to finalise it.

    7-OH is 7-alpha and 7-beta which have some favourable properties and effects. The 7-alpha also happens to convert to 7-keto-DHEA (which can convert into 7-beta or back into 7-alpha), which has some favourable properties and effects also.
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  3. lol thx for the answer robboe but I was just curious into how does it exerts its anti glucocorticoid effects on the body,

  4. Yes, it does influence cholesterol metabolism, but it also antagonizes the effects of cortisol directly. You will get the details in the write up. Until then, patience young one!

  5. thx dr.D for the reply

  6. I'm interested in this as well. Getting ready to purchase me some Lean Extreme soon!!

  7. I'll save info for the release of the write-up then.

    I will admit however, that i didn't realise just how awesome LX was for stuff other than just cortisol control until i read the research. You will soon know what i mean.
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