New DS Website

  1. New DS Website

    The new site looks great! Are you going to have all of your old articles on the new site?

  2. Oh snap, that is nice. Who did that? Dr.D must have did the flash

  3. Thumbs up

    Looks great!!

  4. New site kicks ass!!!


  5. Thanks!

  6. VERY guys *have* been busy!

  7. Oh, my friend, you truly have no idea.

  8. Too much time on their hands if you ask me

  9. bigbadaboomalicious

  10. Very nice!

  11. great site and I love the downloads!

  12. Flash sucks. How about a non-flash site for those of us who just want the content without the bandwidth waste? (For that matter, the writeups would be a hell of a lot smaller in html than in .pdf)

    With flash, I can't send someone a link to a particular page on the site. That means I'm much less likely to send someone to the site, not that I'll send him to the front page and give a long list of instructions on how to get to a particular page.

  13. There will be an html version.

  14. Hey, can we get a "Your Account" Button so we can log in to check order status/etc/etc or is there one and I'm just too dense today to find it?

    I've been having to put somthing in my shopping cart and log-in that way.

  15. a suggestion, maybe make it so that you can cut and paste articles, or have a pdf file available. i like to print them out and stuff, but as it stands you cant. also you cant link a specific page, it just goes right to the main page

  16. Nice site, but where is the button I click for the free products that Dr. D mentioned?

    Lol gonna have people searching for that one for awhile!!

  17. nice website!


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