ActivaTe updates?

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  1. My roomate for 4 years in college was MIS. CS but he could go into sunlight and craved more than Doritos and Mt. Dew. Can you believe Fortran 78 was a gd damn pre-rec for all majors! I still have nightmares about coding the ****ing Bernoulli principle into a program for the mid-term.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Twin Peak
    We have grand intentions, but I would not be terribly suprised if there was a 2-3 month delay between this batch selling out, and the next batch coming in.
    How are things looking for this batch then TwinPeak? I bought enough for 3 months worth now, and if everything works out right, I'll probably want to use it again after that (after taking a little time off).. it would really be something that I would *not* want to be without...

  3. This batch is about half gone. We still have not received a sample from the next batch let along placing an order for it.
  4. is activate shipping YET???

  5. It arrived yesterday, so be patient.
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  6. Quote Originally Posted by Robboe
    It arrived yesterday, so be patient.
    Awesome. Should be here just as I'm hitting the heaviest part of my HST cycle.

  7. How about the write up?

  8. Damn good question....


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