ActivaTe updates?

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  1. My vote would be for 7 at night or later. Won't be around till later.


  2. I am not sure what time, if/when I find out, I will let you know. This isn't really discussed (yet) on other boards, so I expect that unlike SD it will be around for 24-48 hours.

  3. Write up?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Twin Peak
    Lets see....

    * Testers will get a full month (honestly, I doubt you will see enough in 2 weeks).
    * At this point I have no idea how fast the first run will run out, and I have less of an idea on when the next run will be available (we are still waiting on a sample to test before we order). I can say that there will not be a delay between runs 2 and 3. That is a promise. There will likely be a substantial delay between 1 and 2, unfortunately.
    * I cannot comment on the taste of the powder any more than I have. I'd be lying otherwise. I have not placed any in a shake, let alone 10-20 caps.
    * Yes, Chasec, 20 caps.
    * The write-up is being done now, it will not be available before Thursday.

    There you go. I guess there won't be a write up before it's available.

  5. bump for the time

  6. Quote Originally Posted by GuardDog
    bump for the time
    extra bump just in case GuardDog's bump wasn't good enough. XD

  7. Quote Originally Posted by GuardDog
    bump for the time
    You do realize its already Friday in New Zealand?

  8. HAHA, I don't care what time zone he chooses, I just want to know which one at what time. I am guessing he is going to pick the eastern time zone.

  9. I can't believe nobody's cared enough to bump this yet.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by mmorpheuss
    I can't believe nobody's cared enough to bump this yet.
    I'm just visiting the DS webpage about 10 minutes after the top of the hour, every hour. I want this so bad. I want to combine it with my upcoming HST cycle to see how it works. Going to do what I did last time, and move directly from the fives of HST into DC style training. This should allow for a prolonged cycle from the heavy lifting of the HST through the DC to whenever I feel like stopping.

    An idea I did have was combining ActivaTe with Rebound XT and/or Ultra H.O.T. I'm just wondering if I should start the RXT first and increase my total testosterone, and then start taking the ActivaTe to free up what's bound, or just run them all and start and stop at the same time.

  11. I "hear ya." I am anticipating ActivaTe as well. I'm ready to pounce of the DS site like a praying mantis.

  12. I had a similar idea of running activate, ultra and nolva. starting and stopping the same time. I wondered if that would be too much anti e.

  13. It's up....

    annnd I'm in for 2!

  14. Guys post results please.

  15. Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn nnnd 2 for me!

    I'll keep a log (activate + rebound)

  16. 2 more gone

  17. Oh dude...I picked up 2 hours ago.

  18. Sweet. Hope the feedback on this is great. Can't wait to start it.

  19. Is anyone planning to get bloodwork done for this?

  20. Got some on the way here as well. Going to be using this with Rebound XT and think I'm going to be getting some Cissus as well

  21. did u all receive a confirmation email yet..? I ordered this morning and haven't received mine.. (its been about 4 hours)

  22. Yes, I received mine within minutes.

  23. Quote Originally Posted by ryansm
    Guys post results please.
    bump. post results and keep logs if you have the time.

  24. I got 2 bottles myself along with some Rebound, looks like most people have the same cycle in mind.

    CDB, I was thinking along the same lines as you - start the RXT first to increase test then get on it with the ActivaTe.

    This seems to be the place to post results to, so lets get those cycles/stats up there!


  25. Got my confirmation immediately after I ordered as well.

  26. Quote Originally Posted by 50joe
    Is anyone planning to get bloodwork done for this?
    The testers certainly are. For me, it depends on how much money I have. Can anyone recommend a good cheap place for scheduling/perchasing such tests? The only one I know is health check usa.

  27. Got my 2 and got the email in under a minute of placing the order.

  28. ..whats wrong then? I am a bit concerned about my order now..

  29. Quote Originally Posted by Anarchy939
    ..whats wrong then? I am a bit concerned about my order now..
    Sounds simple, and you may have already done it, but did you check your junk email folder? Hope you haven't emptied it today!


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