4ad androgenic %

  1. 4ad androgenic %

    Ive seen this before but forget where how androgenic is unconverted 4ad compared to testosterone?

    My testoprim got nabbed by customs and i have to go with 4ad but im real sensative to androgenic sides like ACNE hardcore and i have a slightly enlarged prostate.

    Would finasteride counteract 4ad andogenic sides?

    Im thinking no because if it is androgenic on its own without the 5aa enzyme then blocking it wouldnt do much. Just want to make sure

  2. Ill look it up and see what the values are for it. finasteride should still help, although how much i dont know.

  3. Thanks Again bro

  4. My guess is they are roughly equal, but what do I know?

  5. Unconverted 4AD equal to test? Um, no way. If so, then it's just 'cause the Vida tables are unreliable.

  6. what are the VIDA tables?

  7. Vida was a scientist who did all the work on about 500-750 different types of steroid compounds, published them all in a book around 1950. These tables give you the anabolic/androgeinc ratios of all of the steroids. But these are all based on rats so real world data on men/humans can be different. also just becuase something is X times more anabolic doesnt mean it cause X times the amount of growth. Usually it just means that you dont need such a high dose to acheive the desired anabolic effect.

  8. Good interpretation by the master. LOL.

  9. 95% anabolic as test and 120% androgenic as test. Dont know if this is intrinsic from 4ad or the conversion to test or a combo of both. As far as the proscar goes yes it will help, it will block the 5-alpha reduction of test and 4ad itself cannot be 5-alpha reduced I believe due to the 3beta diol substitution

  10. fwiw, libido enhancement from 4-ad seems disproportionate (larger than would be expected) than by correlation to the value of test it converts to.

    that suggests to me, high androgenicity

  11. 120% would be higher, although slightly.

    Good to see you Miles.

  12. well according to vida its 120% as androgenic but there are a slew of tudies on 4ad from back in the day that did not make it into vida?? But with prohormone conversions everybody is going to react differently to them.

  13. your better off with the 4ad testoprim-d HURTS LIKE A BIATCH!

  14. Never heard of it.

  15. I think dick meant to put a comma in there between 4ad and testoprim. If I understand correctly, he is saying that he is better off with the 4ad, and that testoprim HURTS LIKE A BIATCH!!.....correct me if I am wrong, dick.

  16. ok now it makes sense. I couldnt figure out why a drug company would use 4 ad when they can use test.

  17. you got it. I am not the best with all of those commas and things lol

  18. its just the prop in the testoprim, good product though

  19. oh ok, yeah i could see that burning.


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